The Nurse Refinery

The Nurse Refinery is the breeding ground for Registered Nurses who want to go from basic, to expert in their own unique space. We all have a message , my duty is to help you find and spread yours as a health professional. We have a wide array of courses consistently being updated and upgraded just for your development. Are you ready for this journey?

Healthcare professionals needs to put their works on digital platforms. This course helps you identify the most suitable online platform for your works, gives you insight on how to connect with the right audience for our message and how to monetize your knowledge

I have met many nurses who are confused about their next career move. To what’s next you need to know where you’re coming from, where you are and why yo0u are at your current position in our personal, academic and career life. THE CLARITY PACKAGE helps you connect your life’s purpose to your career and make the right decisions with regards to your next BIG move

This is for the busy Healthcare professional or healthcare brand. We will manage your social media pages, create the right content in relation to your niche, grow your audience and bring you leads that convert to profits Send an email to info@thisnursengozi.comĀ 

This is a 6 weeks strategy and accountability program for healthcare personnel and brands. In this program, you will get a footprint strategy on how to INFLUENCE, IMPACT, PRODUCTIZE, AND MAKE SALES. Only open to participants of Branding &Visibility Course for Medics. Send an email to

Learn how to

  • Shoot videos with your smartphone
  • Edit videos with your smartphone
  • Create attractive social media videos

In this session, I’ll give you a blue print and tools for;

  • Online visibility
  • Basics of graphics design
  • Productizing your skills and knowledge
  • Scheduling your business activities
  • Recognizing and serving your audience and ideal clients/customers.
  • One week content creation plan.

An Experience You'll Love.
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